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Saturday, June 12, 2010

New FHF Posts So Far

Here are the links to all the photo threads I've started so far on the NEW

Sparkling Habu

Red Bamboo Ratsnake (O. p. kawakamii)

Enhydris chinensis - Chinese Water Snake

KraitZilla, Part One

Taiwan Trash Snakes, Part 1: Dinodon rufozonatum

Habu & Owl - A Taiwan Adventure

The Curious False Viper

Minimalist Krait

Green Day Vipers

Sleeping Greater Green

Dinodon eating Bufo

Big Fat Chinese Cobra - AT LAST!!!

Stinky Kings and Herping Clowns

Snakes On A Plate, Part II: Ptyas dhumnades

Russell's Viper (warning, crappy pix!)

Chinese Cobra & Little Twotons

Endemic Taiwan Elapid - Sinomicrurus hatori

An Indian Cobra in the Taiwanese Woods

Snakes On A Plate III: World's Most Beautiful Snake Belly?

Large Ptyas dhumnades

Two Greater Green Snakes (Cyclophiops major)

Rain Krait

One Man's Trash (Boiga kraepelini)

MacClelland's Coral Snake - Ecstasy & Tragedy

The Cobra That Hijacked The Camera Bag

Itsy Bitsy Baby Cobra

Ptyas dhumnades - Educating The Masses

Two Blackheads, One Orange

Mad Cobra At Night, Herper's Delight

Unruly Many-Banded Baby Krait

Psammodynastes pulverulentus - (Wannabe) Badass Ruler of the Sands

Green is Good; Greater Green is Better

FBK (Frickin' Big Krait)

Hello Kitty Cobra

Donald,the Chinese Pearl Snake

Orange-Red Bamboo Ratsnake

Scavenging Bamboo Viper

Horrible Habu, Heroically Hooked!

Pangolin - "The Armor That Burrows Through The Mountain"

Dark Mock Viper

Seriously Overfed Taiwan Pitviper Baby

Taiwan Gringo Herping, Part 1: Taiwan Beauty Snake

Taiwan Gringo Herping, Part 2: The Other Snakes

Big Fat Taiwan Herping Vacation!

Habu Baby - Baby Habu

Bitten By A Dinosaur

Greening The Planet, One Snake at A Time

Diurnal Pitviper Surprise

Extra-Cool Bamboo Viper Mimic!

Super Mom Pit Viper (Protobothrops)


Nessie said...

Wow you've got a lot of experience herping in Taiwain.

Twoton said...

Thank you. Just 2 1/2 years. But I herp all the time....I have no TV :)