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Saturday, March 29, 2008

20 Ways The World Could End

And there you were, thinking the worst that could happen to you is a rogue truck kissing you on the way to work. Well, think again. I wasn't aware of half of those possibilities. So, what's your favorite? Me, I like the roving black hole..and of course, number 20!

Quotes and Durians

Want to kill a few weeks' worth of time? Well, look no further than Wikiquote!

As an aperitif, I suggest you move straight on to what A. R. Wallace's contemporaries had to say about his odes on Durians:

The durian — neither Wallace or Darwin agreed on it.
Darwin said 'may your worst enemies be forced to feed on it.'
Wallace cried 'it's delicious.'
Darwin replied 'I'm suspicious,
For the flavour is scented
Like papaya fermented
After a fruit-eating bat has pee'd on it.

After that, you're on our own. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Damn the torpedoes - I love SciFi!

“Sci-fi can be succinctly defined as speculation, whether based on established scientific facts or on logical pseudo-facts consistent with the framework of the fiction in question, involving smelly green pimply aliens furiously raping or eating, or both, beautiful naked bare-breasted chicks, covering them in slime, red, oozing, living slime, dribbling from every horrific orifice, squeezing out between bulbous pulpy lips onto the sensuous velvety skin of the writhing sweating slave-girls, their bodies cut and bruised by knotted whips brandished by giant blond vast-biceped androids called Simon, and written in the Gothic mode.“

Peter Nicholls, True Rat 7, 1976