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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Masochistic Frog

The Long-legged Brown Frog (Rana longicrus) is endemic to Taiwan and also a bit of a masochist, picking the coldest time of year to mate and lay eggs. Ski gloves are required for frogging at 3000 feet up on Yangmingshan in winter. Didn't somebody say this is a tropical island?

I can see my house from here

Well, sort of. If you're to mosey out our front door and head straight for about one mile, then do an about-face, this is what you'll see - the northwestern hills of Yangmingshan National Park.


I love cannas. The contrast between the brilliant blossoms and those earth-toned, antediluvian seed pods resembling ankylosaurus tails is just striking.

Sun Eagle

I was taking a midday stroll through a few neighboring fields when this Crescent Serpent Eagle (Chelornis speela) took off from a tree above me and started circling. I followed him for a series of about 30 wild and useless shots, but this one came out pretty OK, I think...(Yes, that's the sun there. 1/4000 sec made it possible)

Cruel Beauty

I've been playing around with my macro gear and various lighting options again lately, so here are a few shots of a Madagascar sundew (Drosera madagascariensis) and an Australian Forked sundew (Drosera binata). I still have problems creating enough depth of field (even at f/32!), but will hopefully find a solution to this soon.