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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Taiwan Road Trip, Day Four

We spent the last night on the road in a picturesque bungalow complex (complete with a huge marble hot springs tub in the bathroom) just outside Puli. The next day, after breakfasting on the most humongous pork sandwiches I've seen in a good while, we sauntered up the hill across from the hotel to check out the hang gliding launch spot on top. Didn't see any gliders that day, but a bunch of other nice stuff:
Hillside betelnut plantation

As always, the flora didn't disappoint:

Golden Trumpet Tree, Tabebuia alba

Some kind of Christmas tree...

After that, it was time to hit the highway back to Taipei. In an autobahn rest stop by Hsinchu, we found this wonderfully wacky sign. This is what happens when dictionaries are used without protective gear and in the absence of professional supervision...

Now it's time to prepare for a trip across the Southern Cross-Island Highway - a road even more magnificent than the CCIH!

PS: Many thanks to Andy Wimmer who agreed to take over my camera for almost the entire trip, as my hands were usually glued to the steering wheel.

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Warren said...

Pig feet rice? Meh, the meaning is clear. Clearer, even, than some of the FHF posts by (allegedly) native English speakers.

The pine family never ceases to amaze me. From Alpine slopes to tropics and deserts - is there anywhere this innocuous-looking plant CAN'T live?