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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Alien Crushed by Falling Anvil! Film at 11!

OK, I could have picked a more romantic header. But doesn't it just look like it? This is what's left from the gorgeous cherry splendor (see further below). The tree is void of blossoms now, they're all on the ground in my parking spot. I swear, this is how I found it.
Amazing what a little wind and time can do. I stood there with my two sons (5 and 8) for a long time, swapping impressions ("It's a troll face!" "No, it's a map!" "No, it's a mutant lobster!"...)


Linda said...

That is too cool!
This sounds like a silly question but does the air smell sweet of cherry blossom petals?

We just had a huge snowfall over night, about 40cm of the white stuff. I have to admit, I'm rather jealous of your surroundings at the moment!

Twoton said...

The cherry blossoms here don't have a strong scent. You really have to stick your nose into them to smell anything. And a good thing it is - imagine all of Japan, Taiwan and Korea unable to work for four weeks because they're all high on cherry perfume :-)

40 cm of snow, bloody hell. Not that I miss it, but at least you can do real winter stuff with it: snowball fights, sled rides, snow angels etc. Try that with the gray sleety slurpee that had to pass for snow in most of Central Europe for the last 20 years.

Lydia said...

love cherry blossoms, its a bit past cherry blossom time here. nice pic :-)